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Datum: 01.06.2020

Vložil: dtalerwzvx

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Datum: 01.06.2020

Vložil: MeMog

Titulek: For best Man

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Datum: 01.06.2020

Vložil: italerphfi

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Datum: 01.06.2020

Vložil: Manueldiofs

Titulek: Ishaq Arman freelancer scammer.

Ishaq Arman tricked me. He hired me to do a large web scraping and automation project.
I bought expensive RAM for his project and worked for a week.
He refused to pay when I handed him the first part of the job.
He understood how I was working on his project and decided to do the work myself.
Fraudster Ishaq Arman studied at Gomal University D.I. Khan
Talks on Facebook, this is his page.

This man Ishaq Arman is a rogue and deceives people.
He is also an extremist Islamist.

These are his photos.

Datum: 01.06.2020

Vložil: wtalerqdcf

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Datum: 01.06.2020

Vložil: ftalerbvrv

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Datum: 31.05.2020

Vložil: mtalerjkam

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Datum: 31.05.2020

Vložil: ftalerxfvj

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Datum: 31.05.2020

Vložil: ltalerfzaw

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Datum: 30.05.2020

Vložil: mtalercwvs

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